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Green Hotel Case 2


The Marriott Worsley Park Hotel & Country Club, Manchester
The Marriott Worsley Park Hotel & Country Club, Manchester, was one of the first hotels in Europe to gain environmental certification in 1999 and has been counting the benefits ever since. Even before the four star hotel was built, the General Manager, Peter Bech, made a decision that the hotel would be as environmentally friendly as possible. This was particularly important as it was being built on a 200 acre green-field site and therefore had considerable local opposition.

By working with English Heritage and Green Globe, Peter ensured the hotel blended into the surrounding countryside, creating a wildlife haven in the process, and strove to minimise the impact on its neighbours. This has been so successful that the neighbours are now very proud of what their local hotel has achieved.

‘Having a sound environmental management approach to running a business is absolutely necessary,’ Peter says, adding, ‘there are very good economic reasons why every business should take this approach.’ By way of proof to those words the Marriott Manchester saved around £60,000 in its first full year of operation simply by cutting down on consumption of water, gas and electricity.

‘It really isn’t difficult,’ says Peter, ‘no hotel should be fearful about taking the first steps - it’s really just using common sense.’

So how did the hotel manage it? Firstly by getting all the staff involved in the scheme, nominating a champion for each department and holding regular meetings to ensure all parts of the plan are continually monitored and tested.

‘It’s just a question of getting everyone into the right frame of mind,’ Peter says. ‘Chefs traditionally turn everything on as soon as they enter the kitchen, whether they need the equipment or not. With a little education on the damage being done to the environment, let alone the savings to be made, this practice can be stopped



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