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Wind-Turbines Buyer Guide-2


What size turbine would I need for my home?

Homes use approximately 9,400 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per year (about 780 kWh per month). Depending upon the average wind speed in the area, a wind turbine rated in the range of 5 to 15 kilowatts would be required to make a significant contribution to meet this demand

Entegrity Wind Systems Inc
Entegrity Wind Systems is a leading manufacturer of intermediate scale wind turbines with installations world wide. The EW15, a 50 kilowatt wind turbine generator is specifically designed to supplement electric power generation for large buildings, industry, commercial operations, large farms, communities and remote locations.

The EW15 is an ideal investment to combat rising utility rates by enabling owners to secure their costs for electrical energy now against much higher future costs. The EW15 has a thirty year design life and is very easy to operate and maintain. Our team of dedicated and experienced engineers is committed to make the EW15 efficient, reliable and affordable.

Energy Maintenance Service

As the wind industry continues its rapid evolution, many technologies that were once state of the art are now classified as obsolete or difficult and expensive to maintain. We at EMS leverage our intimate understanding of most all commercial wind turbine systems deployed in North America, new and old, as we develop products designed to enhance or replace these aging technologies and improve asset performancem.

Southwest Windpower

Southwest Windpower has wind turbines to meet a broad range of needs.The world's leading manufacturer of battery charging wind turbines for remote homes, sailboats, recreational vehicles, telecommunications, and hybrid systems offers a complete line of wind turbines for virtually any application. .

Westwind Wind Turbines
Westwind is an internationally renowned manufacturer of high quality and robust 3kW, 5kW, 10kW and 20kW wind turbines. Westwind have supplied turbines, towers and turbine controllers for use in many different applications around the world since 1984
Westwind turbines enjoy the reputation as one of the most heavy duty and robust turbines available. This makes them the ideal choice for remote area applications where maintenance is expected to be infrequent and or costly.
The turbines are designed for strength, simplicity, and low maintenance as the major design criteriaAll Westwind wind turbines consist of three blades, up wind of the tower on a horizontal axis and attached directly to a sealed permanent magnet generator.Rotor over speed protection is achieved via auto furling. The turbine can also be manually furled at the base of the tower. Furling describes the action of the tailboom pivoting around to be at right angles to the axis of rotation. This action turns the blades out of the wind and thereby reduces power output.Previous Westwind designs in the 2.5 to 10KW range utilised pitch weights as an additional control measure. The new blade profile used in the mk2 machines as well as being more efficient is mechanically much stiffer. This means the pitch weights are no longer necessary. They contributed significantly to the aerodynamic noise of the blades so now our machines are barely audible
AeroGen Wind Generators
These well-known wind generators are manufactured here in the UK by LVM, a company with over 15 years experience making wind turbines. They have been used all over the world by yachtspersons, research institutes and by Military Forces.


Powerful Performance - Designed for all wind speeds.
Maintenance Free
Efficient Brushless alternators
Easy Installation - Mounting Kits available.

Skystream 3.7 - Domestic Scale Wind Turbine
Skystream 3.7 is the first all-inclusive wind generator with the controls and inverter built into the turbine.

The Skystream 3.7 has been developed by Southwest Windpower in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and is the newest generation in residential wind technology.

The Skystream 3.7 is a down-wind (wind hits the blades on the downwind side of the tower) direct drive (gearless or no transmission) permanent magnet wind generator. Skystream 3.7 uses an innovative 3.7m rotor and produces approximately 300 kWh per month at a typical UK 5m/s AMWS site.

The initial prototype has been operating at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Colorado for almost two years and has undergone extensive performance, reliability and duration testing in accordance with internationally accepted testing standards

Swift Wind Turbine
The Swift Wind Turbine was developed by Renewable Devices in Scotland. This team of engineers had a passion about providing safe, clean energy for everyone. The Swift system is the world's first rooftop wind turbine with unique, patented technologies for unprecedented safe, efficient, and near silent operation. With installations worldwide, this design icon has been quietly generating clean energy for homeowners, community groups, and commercial customers, for over four years. The emphasis of the Swift design has been focused on safety, reliability, and ease of operation, alongside the high-performance of this innovative system. Unique technologies led to the filing of five international patents, which allow the Swift Wind Turbine to offer:

Quiet, vibration-free rooftop operation
Simple installation
Safe, efficient and autonomous operation
Visually appealing design
Sustain, harm neutral design - allowing the Swift to become carbon and energy positive within four years
Zoning - operates below maximum noise levels and eliminates the pole fall height restrictions
The Swift turbine is mounted on an aluminum mast with a minimum blade-roof clearance of approximately 2 feet. It is usually mounted at the highest point of a roof, in a position which benefits from maximum prevailing wind, but it will work effectively in almost any location. The Swift is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and quiet.

The Swift turbine mounting brackets incorporate a damping system, specifically designed to absorb a wide range of frequencies. The patented diffuser minimizes turbine noise by preventing noises at the blade tip. In addition, the five bladed design allows for a slower speed of rotation to further reduce noise, making the Swift Wind Turbine one of the quietest wind systems. Now you can have a quiet vibration free energy generated right from your rooftop.

Marlec Wind Generators
Marlec manufacture small battery charging wind turbine generators

The Rutland 503

Rating: 25 W in a 22 mph (10 m/s) wind
Voltage: 12 Volts DC
Rotor Diameter: 0.51
Cut In Windspeed: 6.6 mph (3.0 m/s)
This compact wind generator, is ideal for use on yachts or touring caravans etc, where ease of installation, a light weight and size are important considerations.

With a turning radius of 255mm and a unique outer ring around the blade tips it can safely be installed on a confined boat deck. The machine is centrally supported so performance is unaffected by a pitching sea. Stainless steel fasteners and marine grade materials are used throughout.

It starts charging in 6.6mph (3.0 m/s) winds and will give a maximum output of over 60 W.

It is designed to mount onto 1.25" (31.7mm) internal diameter aluminium tube and an adaptor is available for permanent land based installations using taller towers

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