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Pool Designs

General: Indicate water depth in meters and feet, using
permanent materials, at pools and spas


Pool Depth Markings:
General: Indicate water depth in meters and feet, using permanent materials, at pools and spas. Paint-on characters are not acceptable markings.
Marking Placement:
• Spacing: Space markers no more than 7.6 m (25 ft.) intervals and arranged to be uniformly located at irregularly shaped pools.
• Depths / Shapes: Place pool markings at maximum and minimum depths, all points of slope change and at every 30 cm (1 ft.) of depth increment; also place at all major deviations in shape.
• Letters / Characters: Minimum 10 cm (4 inch) high; in contrasting color to tile. Incorporate NO DIVING international logo tile signs adjacent to each depth marker.
• Vertical Pool Walls: Place in upper most position; easily readable from waterside.
• Horizontal Surface or Deck Facing Water: Place within 46 cm (18 inch) of water's edge (or on the grate) and positioned to be read while standing on deck facing the water
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