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Provide indoor swimming pool and whirl pool as a minimum, unless Facilities Program dictates otherwise.
• Contiguous indoor/outdoor swimming pools may be considered in seasonal locations.
• Larger facilities may require separate pools, especially where the outdoor pool is the center of a resort environment.


Location: Where feasible, position recreation areas and swimming pools close to Fitness Center and jointly accessed via guestroom elevator core.
• Provide interior pools with exterior views, if possible.
• Exterior pools require a location with exposure to direct sun light.

Controlled Access: Develop a program to control access to the perimeter of swimming pool and whirl pool areas during after-hours based on the following:
• Loss Prevention Review
• Governing codes and regulations
• Operational logistics and location of pools and recreation areas,
• No path of egress through the swimming pool and whirl pool area

Control Features: Based on the control program, provide controlled access to pool perimeters and recreation areas using one or more of the following features:
• Barrier: Provide fence or landscape enclosure (1.5 to 1.8 m (5 to 6 ft.) high) as required by the Loss Prevention Program and governing regulations.
• Doors: To limit access by unauthorized persons or control access at unauthorized times, provide magnetic encoded card - electronic operated lock reader mechanism to pool and whirl pool enclosure.
• Gates: To limit entry by small children, provide child resistant gate hardware in compliance with the following:
+ Provide self-closing / latching gate with release hardware.
+ Locate the hardware on the poolside of gate and install 137 cm (54 inches) minimum from bottom of gate.
+ When the hardware is located less than 137 cm (54 inches) from the bottom of the gate, install the device at least 8 cm (3 inches) below top of gate.
+ Design gate and barrier without an opening greater than 13 mm (½ inch) within 46 cm (18 inches) of the self-latching hardware

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