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Pool Designs

General: Indicate water depth in meters and feet, using
permanent materials, at pools and spas


Pool Mechanical Operation
• Safety Features: Design and construct pool details, drains and equipment to prohibit hazards from tripping, slipping, or trapping clothes, hair or people.
• Pumps: Provide pumping capacity for full operation in case of failure of one pump. Provide isolation valves on pumps and filters.
• Suction and circulation devices shall prohibit trapping and injury to people. Provide recirculation pumps and whirl pool pumps with a minimum of two floor intakes placed at least 1.2 m (4 ft.) apart.
• Include recirculation, filtration, chlorination and pumping system to maintain water in a clear, sanitary condition with a minimum amount of maintenance.
• Provide electric timers to control the operating hours of pumps and equipment.
• Filtration: Provide a separate system for each pool or whirl pool.
• Filter: Provide sand filters with automatic backwash. Provide a minimum system filter flow rate of one water turnover in 6 hours for pools and in 30 minutes for whirl pools.
• Treatment: Provide bromine or ionization treatment.
Avoid use of chlorine gas.
• Chemical Treatment: Automatic, adjustable injection system with test kit.
• Heater: Natural gas type required for whirl pool. Heating required for swimming pool(s) unless outdoor climate maintains water above design temperature.
• Design Temperatures: Provide the following constant temperatures:
+ Pools: 29o C (85o F)
+ Whirl pool: 40o C (104o F).
+ Temperature Rise: 0.25o C (0.5o F) per hour.
• Signage: See <16B> for applicable signage
Swimming / Whirl Pool Equipment Room:
• Locate Pool Equipment rooms away from guestrooms,
meeting rooms and other public spaces.
• Locate close as feasible to pool and whirl pool.
• Provide a sump or other positive drainage.
• Storage / Maintenance: Provide storage space for
maintenance supplies and equipment. Avoid moving pool
equipment and water treatment materials through public
• Eye Wash Station: Connect to water system. <15B>
• Floor: Concrete, stained and sealed.
• Wall / Ceiling: Provide water-resistant materials and
painted finish
Swimming / Whirl Pool Equipment:
Deck Equipment: Include the following:
• Grab Rails
• Stair Hand Rails
• Life Guard chair (if required by Code)
• Rope and Float Depth Divider
• Deck Mounted Stair Rails
• Portable accessibility lift (each pool)
• Deck Anchors
• Escutcheon Plates
Maintenance Equipment: Include the following:
• Pool Cleaning System
• Curved Wall Brush
• Deck Swab
• Utility Pole
• Algae Brush
• Brush Stabilizer
• Pole Adapter
• Magnesium Anodes (cathodic protection)
Safety Equipment: Include the following:
• Life Buoy
• Life Hook
• Life Hook Pole Adapter
• Life Hook Pole
• Back Board
• Throw Line
• Breathing Apparatus
• First Aid Kit
Additioanal information abut pool hvac systems
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