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Air Diffuser Manufacturers
More than the sum of all parts
Technological leader on the market – TROX offers a complete programme of components and systems for centralised and decentralised ventilation and air conditioning technology. The extensive product spectrum ranges from horizontal air discharge to fire protection and regulation technology and though to filter equipment and replacement media.
TROX products are more than a sum of all parts, with each individual component and system complementing the next.
We use our competence for the continuous optimisation of products, processes and services. And the results are clear. High quality, expert advice and the optimal solution for each and every case.
Halton's broad product range is designed to provide comfortable and economical indoor climate conditions over the building's life cycle. The product range covers air diffusion, chilled beams, air flow management and ventilation fire safety. All Halton products have been tested by Halton's R&D centres to guarantee reliable product data. Halton's diffuser range offers solutions to various spaces from commercial buildings to industrial applications. Products are available for ceiling, floor and wall mounting. Plenum category covers diffuser and grille plenums that ensure the proper function of the terminal unit. Products are opening and cleanable, promoting hygienic environment.
SCHAKO, inventor of the swirl diffuser, produces components and systems for ventilation and air conditioning in four European locations. Development in the company's own test laboratories guarantees the optimum functionality of every product. Our automated production facilities ensure the very highest standards of quality and flexibility. Since 1928, this policy has made SCHAKO a benchmark for the entire ventilation and air conditioning industry. From fire prevention and sound insulation through draught-free air distribution and stationary cooling through to accommodation ventilation, our innovations set the standard.

One of the leading suppliers of grilles and diffusers in Europe today.
At Waterloo we take pride in offering high standards of design, manufacturing and service to clients across a wide range of sectors.

Waterloo offers reliability, capability and flexibility.
Waterloo gives the same excellent service to customers, whether your order is in the thousands or hundreds.
We are Europe's supplier of choice for air terminal devices.
When you deal with people at Waterloo, you are dealing with experts. We understand the technology of air movement and offer a range of products to deal with all your ventilation needs.
Our projects across Europe demonstrate our commitment to offering the best advice, most effective design and delivering that on time.

KRANTZ KOMPONENTEN develops, designs, manufactures and distributes throughout the world air distribution systems, cooling and heating systems for installation in ceilings and facades, as well as cleanroom components and systems.For more than 35 years now KRANTZ KOMPONENTEN has dedicated all its corporate activities to two aims: ideal indoor air conditions and thermal comfort. Thanks to the innovative strength of our own research and development, we are a leading manufacturer of individual air distribution systems and heating/cooling systems for the commercial and industrial sectors. We have an international reputation for finding the right solutions.
The Price organization, founded in 1946, was first established as a sales company. Our manufacturing endeavors arose from our belief that we could supply superior products and services at a competitive price. Customer service has always been a vital priority.

The founding principles of the company have never changed - business integrity, first class service and a commitment to people. Our dependable quality, reliable delivery and knowledgeable follow-up service have made Price a market leader in supplying air distribution products and related equipment






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