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HASS® (Hydraulic Analyzer of Sprinkler Systems)

HASS® (Hydraulic Analyzer of Sprinkler Systems) was first licensed in 1976 as a tool for easy use by engineers, sprinkler contractors and reviewers alike. Now HASS gives you the tools you need to determine water supply adequacy based on system demand and distribution piping. With HASS, you can perform hydraulic analysis in accordance with NFPA 13, calculating any connection of nodes and pipes. What's more . . . you get major revisions, year in and year out into the New Millennium, with new features at no extra charge

HASS includes more than just the ability to calculate. For gridded systems, the Grid Estimator gives proposed pipe sizes, and automatically generates node and pipe data. Similarly, the Tree Generator gives node and pipe data using the ordinary hazard piping schedule or uses pipe sizes you specify. When you use the System Builder, you can combine pipe segments into branch lines, locate cross mains and riser nipples, then let the System Builder automatically generate node and pipe data . . . ideal for more complex piping arrangements such as multiple cross main grids. (In each of these cases, the Pipe-to-Source Option lets you tie the system to the source before generating data.) HASS includes Darcy-Weisbach calculation capability for NFPA 750 water mist systems and flow calculations for other fluids such as foam concentrate.

HASS printed reports follow the NFPA 13 format, and include calculation results as well as graphics N1.85 water supply curves and flowplot diagrams with the ability to transfer reportsby e-mail. A review of HASS benefits follows:

  • AUTOMATIC PEAKING the grid proves the remote area.
  • MINIMUM PIPE SIZES are determined by the GRID ESTIMATOR.
  • MINIMUM END HEAD FLOW OR PRESSURE (single or multiple nodes) as well as total supply calculates quickly.
  • DENSITY AND AREA SPECIFICATION on a per node basis, gives an alternative to minimum end head specification.
  • VELOCITY PRESSURES can be used in the calculations required by NFPA 15.
  • DARCY-WEISBACH CALCULATION of water mist systems as required by NFPA 750 and foam concentrate piping.
  • AUTOMATIC FITTING LENGTH ADJUSTMENT based on Schedule 40 data, is in accordance with NFPA 13.
  • PIPE TABLE entry by nominal diameter and fittings by letter speeds up data entry even more.
  • SYSTEM BUILDER develops complex piping arrangements (especially MULTIPLE CROSS-MAIN GRIDS).
  • PIPE-TO-SOURCE option ties the system to the source before developing the Grid, Tree, or more complex systems.
  • DELUGE SYSTEM option generates a system with all sprinklers flowing.
  • INTELLIGENT TAG GENERATION assigns the next sequential tag from the current tagging scheme.
  • AUTOMATIC POSTING of coversheets and riser nameplates keeps data updated whenever a data file is recalculated.
  • MISSING PIPE IDENTIFIER locates points of discontinuity, where pipe data entry may be in error.
  • FIRE PUMP entry is by rated flow and pressure or by five points of pump curve.
  • METER, BACKFLOW PREVENTER AND PRESSURE REDUCER entry is by manufacturer's pressure loss data.
  • NEGATIVE PRESSURES are permitted at non-flowing nodes.
  • VIRTUALLY UNLIMITED SYSTEM SIZE with more than 1,000 nodes calculating in just a few minutes.
  • DIRECTORY ACCESS lets you select files for sprinkler data, pipe tables, cover sheets, and riser nameplates.
  • HELP SCREENS provide advice and direction on request.
  • AUTOMATIC SAVE prevents loss of all data on power failure, and allows data entry in more than one session.
  • GLOBAL AND INDIVIDUAL CHANGES speed up the editing process for both nodes and pipes.
  • INSERT AND DELETE lets you make node or pipe changes at any point in the data sequence.
  • FIND AND REPLACE lets you change attributes for data fields in the same column, and confirm each change.
  • EQUIVALENT CALCULATORS (K-factors, branch lines, grids, rolled grooves, and fitting lengths) eases data entry.
  • CUSTOMIZE PROGRAM DEFAULTS lets you specify the upper and lower limits for certain values within HASS.
  • MERGE option lets you tie one system to . . . and feed it from . . . another system.
  • RENUMBERING option lets you provide a smooth numerical sequence for your extensive node and pipe revisions.
  • HAMMER UTILITY for analysis of rapid deceleration of water flow in pipes.
  • WATER SUPPLY FLOW TEST UTILITY simplifies the reporting of test results.
  • PRINTED REPORTS follow the NFPA 13 format.
  • PIPE TABLE VERIFICATION assures that the pipe table for printing matches the pipe table used for data entry.
  • REPORTS display on the screen, and print as a quick copy or in a detailed format for submittal or e-mail transfer.
  • DELUGE REPORT can show required and actual densities for each node listed.
  • COVERSHEETS AND RISER NAMEPLATES are developed from templates, saved and printed with reports.
  • N1.85 WATER SUPPLY ANALYSIS, LAYOUT AND FLOWPLOT DIAGRAMS use graphics displays / printouts.
  • EARTHQUAKE BRACING LOAD CALCULATION for sprinkler pipe sway bracing design.
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